Raj Nagar Extension Going to Host International Cricket Stadium Nearby Your SCC Home

  • Raj Nagar Extension Going to Host International Cricket Stadium Nearby Your SCC Home

    Raj Nagar Extension Going to Host International Cricket Stadium Nearby Your SCC Home

    India loves sports and if cricket is not more than a religion, it is not lesser as well. The craze for cricket can be seen in each part of India and Indians are not just followers, they are lovers instead. KolKata, Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi are some of the favorite cricketing spots of the nation. A new vertical will add up on the same vertical very soon and it’s none other than Raj Nagar Extension.

    Uttar Pradesh is going to give us a new international cricket stadium apart from Kanpur.  An international cricket stadium is not “a child’s play” or “bed of roses”, rather a million dollar project with many essential requirements or better to say qualifications. Such stadiums are granted their inauguration after several examinations and follow-ups. In the mean time, let us know the parameters for the establishment of an international cricket stadium. Imagine your home would be few meter away from your home and you can reach the place in minutes. SCC Group is giving you a chance to win your home and enjoyment of live cricket in mere prices.

    Establishment of International Cricket Stadium-

    The shape of ground surface for an international cricket stadium is however not fixed. It may be circular, elongated oval or even rectangular depending upon the size of the field. Else, there are no flat dimensions for a cricket field, but its diameter ranges between 450-500 feet or 137-150m. However, a rope sets the boundary line of the field.

    ICC, the International Cricket Council is the official management authority for running cricket at global arena.  According to ICC Standards of Playing Conditions of Test Matches i.e. Law 19.1 states:

    “The playing area must contain at least 150 yards (137.16 meters) from boundary to boundary square of the pitch and other two shorter square sides being a minimum of 65 yards or 59.43 meters. The straight boundary at both sides of the pitch must be 70 yards measured from the center of the pitch. The maximum trial is to provide largest playing area with the subject to each boundary limited to 90 yards or 82.29 meters. The gap between the boundary rope and surrounding fencing contains “three-yard gap”.

    The Pitch-

    Its length measures 22 yards or 20 meters. Most of the action hold on this long area.

    These are certain parameters defined for cricket action on the ground. Apart from these precious pieces of information, catching an event is nearly impossible if you are located far away from the stadium. Buy a home nearby your stadium in affordable costs that what SCC Group wants. Raj Nagar Extension is a premium Residential Plot in Ghaziabad where SCC Group has already established its beautiful sky scrapper. The excitement is going to thrill you when you will hear an international cricket stadium has been proposed nearby your residence.

    So, blush, cheer and shout not at your home, but at the cricket field.



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